"Preserving Our Most Precious Jewels"

Organizational Bio

In 1997 Diamonds In the Ruff Children’s Society was founded by Deveda François and has been committed to encouraging, supporting, and improving the quality of life for children and youth – our most precious jewels. Because children are so often spoken of, but so rarely spoken for Diamonds in the Ruff is driven to assist those who are dedicated to keeping children out of the child welfare system.  We do this by providing supportive services for caregivers and empowering youth to take ownership of their destiny rather than be victims of their fate. Through our programs we incorporate advocacy, public awareness, self-empowerment, life skills and family support services to help our precious jewels realize their fullest potential and to provide their caregivers, who are most often their grandparents, with respite and crisis care so they can be recharged to continue the important work of raising powerful and productive citizens

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